You don’t have a sign-up button. How can I sign-up for lessons?

It’s easy. Just send me a quick message. I will contact you with you within a day, and we can start this week. But don’t worry! Contacting me is free and there is no obligation.

Are all your lessons online? Why don’t you offer lessons at other locations?

I used to offer lessons where I would travel to locations as well as online lessons. During the pandemic, I switched to 100% online. This works out better for everyone! I can offer a lower rate since students don’t have to pay for my space rental or travel expenses. Students can take lessons in the privacy of their homes or if they’d prefer in other locations. Online lessons offer other advantages as well. It’s easier to work on resumes, presentations and other writing. I can show you images to help you understand words. We can share exercises, and you can easily save anything I write during the lesson.

How can you teach me if you don’t speak my language?

I speak some Spanish, and can understand a bit in some other languages. I’ve found I have no trouble communicating even with beginners who speak languages I don’t know at all. Somehow we find a way. Sometimes knowing the student’s language can be a distraction for both  the teacher and the student. The point is not to learn to translate from your language to English, but to learn English. The best way to do that is to immerse yourself in English.

Do you offer a free sample lesson?

I offer a free consultation. You can ask me lots of questions. The consultation includes an assessment of your English language skills, a mini-lesson, and planning for our next meeting. Sometimes complete beginners bring a friend to the consultations, but usually we can manage.

How many lessons will it take before I have enough English?

Students often ask how many lessons they will need before they can get work, or speak fluently, or reach some other goal. It is almost impossible for me to predict because everyone is starting from a different place and trying to reach a different goal. One to one lessons are the fastest way to learn, but not everyone learns at the same pace. My best students aren’t necessarily the best at learning languages. My best students work really hard and do a lot of work outside of our classes.  The students who learn fastest spend a lot of time practicing and using English outside of the class.

I’m studying for the TOEFL, can you help me with that?

The TOEFL is a skills-based test. I can help you work on skills such as essay writing, listening skills, reading comprehension etc.  If you can provide sample materials from the test, I can work with you on those materials, but mostly we can practice the skills: reading comprehension, oral comprehension, writing, and speaking. We can use a variety of materials to do this including listening to podcasts, writing practice, close readings of texts, etc.

I’m preparing for a presentation in English, can you help me with that?

I love to work with people on presentations, job interview preparation, school interviews, etc.

I’m in New York for a short time, and I’d like to study a few hours a day while I’m here. Is this possible?

I usually have enough time in my schedule to accommodate short-term students here on vacation or traveling for business; however, I am still 100% online. I’d recommend starting your lessons before your trip.  While you are in New York, you’re going to be very busy. We can still meet for lessons, and I can also recommend activities to help you practice your English with real New Yorkers!

My schedule changes a lot. Do I need to sign up for the same time every week?

Many of my students have schedules that frequently change. This is not a problem.

Private lessons are expensive. Do you offer discounts?

Private lessons do cost a lot, but they are much more efficient than classes, and you will learn more quickly. To make it easier, I offer discounts to long-term students. Ask me about this when we meet for a free consultation.

How come you don’t have any reviews up on your site? How do I know that you are any good without reviews?

You can find verified reviews of my work at sites where I don’t control the reviews.

Please click the rectangle on the left below to see some verified reviews by my students:

You can read more verified reviews  here (but please contact me directly to book).

Are you an accent reduction specialist?

I can help you work on your pronunciation and accent. I can help you to speak English so that other people can understand you. I can work with you on the rhythm and intonation of your speech. However, if you are a fluent English speaker who only wants to work on your accent, you should look for an accent reduction coach. Some ESL teachers do this. Some public speaking coaches do this. Some voice teachers do this. It is a sub-category of several fields.

Do you teach other things besides English as a second or foreign language?

These days I’m mostly focusing on ESL/EFL, but I also work with native English speakers on writing. If you’re interested, send me an email, and I’ll let you know if I can help.