Hi. I’m Marion Stein. I’m a native English speaker with many years of teaching experience. My first job after obtaining my B.A. was tutoring writing and ESL at LaGuardia Community College — one of the most diversely populated colleges on the planet. I liked it so much that I stayed on as a tutor and later as a teacher while working on an M.F.A (master’s in fine arts), and after that a social work degree. Since then, I’ve worked as a social worker, a grant writer, an educational administrator, a high school teacher and more. I’ve written reviews of books, movies and television. I’ve even written some books.  But I always return to teaching.


Teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic and in our “new normal” has posed some special challenges. Many of my students were already taking online lessons when the crisis started. By March of 2020, all lessons were online. That part was easy! It’s been difficult for some of my students to navigate work, childcare, staying healthy in a pandemic, AND English lessons. I understand. I’m stressed out too! I try to be as flexible and understanding as I can.

My current ESL students are from all over the world. They are artists, writers, bankers, medical professionals, fashion executives and more. They may be in different fields or at different levels, but they are all people aspiring to be the best they can be, to do more, and to learn more. I am inspired by them everyday, and I love my job.

I’ve been an adult language learner, so I know that mastering a new language is never easy, but I also know that anyone can improve their language skills. Everyone can learn and succeed.

I’d love to help you reach your goals.

Please feel free to ask a question or request a free consultation.

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